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Natural Sustainable Pure

Since 1933 John Marshall and Company have been a wholly owned and operated New Zealand company with a proud reputation for delivering to specification on time anywhere around the world. John Marshall and Company desire to assist in positioning New Zealand wool as one of the world's primary processing fibres. It is our belief that in today's world, wool has a vital role to play in meeting emerging environmental demands. This will be achieved by the continued promotion of the high quality of New Zealand Wool. Our aim at John Marshall and Company is to build on wool's position as a natural and primary processing fibre. We promote the commercial and technical developments of wool to ensure that its physical benefits as a fibre are matched by its economic and technical performance. Our company also works towards improving the stability of wool's price and quality, and to providing the facilities to enable the benefit of structured programmes of supply. Programmes that are designed to meet the needs of our clients, and the demands of competition, increased capital investment and raw material supplies. The company has a committed international perspective and adheres to the principles of growth, scale and excellence.